Click Here for 8 & 9-Ball World Qualifier Rosters  - Rosters will be posted the Wednesday, June 15th 
EVERY PLAYER attending the Qualifiers Cup Tournaments MUST have a valid picture ID. 

 THIS DOES NOT APPLY WHEN 2 ROUNDS OF PLAYOFFS ARE SCHEDULED AT HOME.  Divisional Playoffs - If any team would like to play their Divisional Championship match (2nd week of playoffs otherwise known as the 1st round of qualifier cup) in their area they may BUT are required to do the following:  Teams must notify the office that they are playing in their area.  You must call the office at 888-APA-POOL, you can e-mail the information if you like, but make sure you receive a confirmation.

- THIS RULE ONLY APPLIES WHEN 1 WEEK OF PLAYOFFS ARE SCHEDULED AT HOME.  PLEASE remember you DO NOT have to play your 2nd round at home.  It is an option, if the match is played at home each team must pay the $45 weekly dues and only the winning team will receive money when they register at the qualifier cups.  The money from the losing team will be placed in the travel assistance fund for the teams going to Las Vegas.

 Both teams have to agree to play the match at home.  The winning team is responsible to collect weekly dues and submit both score sheets along with payment.  The winning team is also responsible to find out their start time for the Qualifier Cup match.